Over 15 years in recruitment 

400+ employed candidates

7 years of career consulting

Over 10 000 conducted interviews

From the Recruitment Assistant in a local recruitment agency to the Recruitment Group Manager in one of the biggest international recruitment companies

Both in recruitment agencies and as an in-house HR Manager in a big production company (headcount over 1500 employees)
+7 900 633 1331
Russian and international (Europe, American and East) companies

Specialisations - construction, design, real estate, sales&marketing, retail, IT, production, logistics, purchaising, finance, HR

From small local companies to huge international and state corporations

From working personnel to the TOP-managers

Russia, Europe, USA, Middle East

Clients - HR Managers and hiring managers
2009: Bachelor degree in Psychology, Saint Petersburg State University

2018: Cource "Career Coaching", Antirabstvo 

2017: Cource "Career managment", City Business School

2016: Cource "Career Coaching", Academy "Piter Coach"2016: Career Consulting School, Zillion

2016: Cource "Coaching", Project "Simple coaching"

2010: Cource "HR managment", Rubikon
Books "Job Hunting Recipe" and "Honestly about job searching, or Old recruiter's stories" (available in Russian only)