Fill the position of a highly qualified specialist, middle or top manager
with professional recruiter
Expeditiously (the first candidate within
3 days from the date of signing the contract)

For 10-12% of annual income

Without prepayment
Candidates datebase more than
150 thousand CVs

St.Petersbugr and any region of Russia

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+7 900 633 1331
Middle managment
(Team Leader, Head of Department, Project Manager, etc.)
Top Manament
(Sales Director, Construction Director, HR Director, etc.)
Rare and unique specialists
(Disigner of the technological part of fire extinguishing systems)
International Research
(expats for companies operating in Russia)


1. You are small or middle company and do not have own HR.

2. You are a medium or large company, but for some reason you can not entrust the search for internal HR.

3. You want to hire a competitor's employee.

4. You need to maintain confidentiality, including internal employees.

5. You want to work with a professional recruiter, but you are not ready to pay 20-30% of the annual income of the employee to the Agency.

6. You need a highly qualified employee who is not in the public domain.

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Candidates datebase more than 150 thousand CVs

Professional references


Professional social networks
More than 15 years recruitment experience.
Over 400 filled positions.

Various industries (construction, design, real estate, sales, retail, IT, production, logistics, procurement, Finance, HR, marketing and others).

Over 150 companies including Mars, IKEA, K-Rauta, Heineken, Stockmann, Proctor&Gamble, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Beeline, etc.

Vacancies at all levels from the specialists to teh top managers, including General Director, Sales Director, Construction Director, Purchasing Director, Chief Accountant, etc.
Recruitment fee depends on the position level and the complexity of the search

Usually - 10-12% of the employee's annual income

It might be fixed fee if it is difficult to predict employee income

Payment after the final candidate starts the job

Payment clearing settlement within 3 weekdays